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Complete Text

This is the Central part of the solution, containing all of the information stipulated in the examination curriculum. You can think of it as a textbook with all of the useless information removed and replaced with immediately actionable strategies.

You will receive a new Complete Text for each new subject you study with us.

Introductory Guide

Don't know where to start? Frustrated by the lack of guidance available in schools about how to actually learn and prepare? Most students are.

This Guide has been specifically developed to explain HOW students learn, before we move on to WHAT to learn. Essential for preparing effectively.

Preparation Plan

Sick of duplicating effort? Tired of wasting time with setup and "learning" what you already know?Want more efficiency? 

This Plan takes you through step-by-step from the very beginning to the end of your preparation, hitting every milestone and ensuring you don't spend time on ineffective work-for-work's-sake.

Coverage Guide

This is our patented method of absorption to make sure that ever student can learn the material they need, no matter how it is presented.

Do you learn best by reading? Speaking? Videos? Audio? Puzzles? No matter what kind of learner you are, we have your needs covered with our Coverage Guide.

Preparation Calendar

What gets measured gets improved - follow your exact path and see exactly what you have yet to do with our dedicated Preparation Calendar.

FP® +

With FP® +, you get everything included in the FP® Basic Kit, and you also get:

Online Access

Want to supercharge your preparation with the fastest, most effective and most efficient solution available anywhere in the world?

Our software-based program applies all of the teachings and methods found in our solutions automatically, using technology to adapt all learning to the student and guarantee our 95% success rate.

Available Online, on Windows and iOS, and on Android and iPhone.

Unlimited Subjects

Are you taking more than one subject that you need to pass? Fine with English, but shaky with Math and Physics? Or maybe you just want to boost all your grades to make the best impression on a College application.

If any of these are true for you, then you don't need to buy separate Basic Guides - go for our FP® + kit to get unlimited access to all subjects for less!

Tech Support

Full time 24/7 support for any technical issues that you have at any time using our products. Also included are full installation, maintenance and development guides for best use.

Money Back Guarantee

Use our products and still don't pass your exam? It is very unusual, but it is possible.

We offer a full refund in this scenario - just email us and we will refund your entire cost.